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Report: China’s Bitcoin Hashrate Supremacy Dives, ‘The United States And Canada Could Steal the Lead’– Mining Bitcoin News

A newly published regional report shows that China's hashrate has likely dropped to 55%while the U.S. has reached 11%. Another study anticipates that it's possible The United States and Canada could surpass China in regards to hashrate by the end of 2021. Bitcoin Mining Farm Operator Says Mining Market in…
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Stablecoins present new dilemmas for regulators as mass adoption looms

Stablecoins present peculiar challenges to regulators. Although there is no single, agreed-upon definition of a stablecoin, the common denominator of the commonly used definitions is that stablecoins are designed to maintain a stable value in relation to a specified currency, asset or pool of such currencies/assets. They are contrasted with regular cryptocurrencies, which have no…
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Monero Hard Fork and RandomX: Make CPU Mining Great Again — Official MinerGate Blog

by MinerGate Mining Pool February, 15, 2020 Monero (XMR) has successfully hardforked on November 30th, at block number 1978433. The fork has changed the CryptoNightR mining algorithm to the new RandomX Proof-of-Work algorithm.   Although the main aim of the upgrade was keeping Monero completely resistant to ASIC mining, thus maintaining the coin decentralized, RandomX…
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Edward Snowden Knocks Alex Gladstein’s Crypto Critique- ‘Worst Part of Dragon-Level Wealth Is People Devolve Into Dragons Themselves’ – Privacy Bitcoin News

On Saturday evening, the privacy advocate and well known whistleblower, Edward Snowden, spoke out against some criticism stemming from the Human Rights Foundation’s Alex Gladstein. Snowden attacked the tribalism taking place in the crypto space and said that some people “lose sight of the world beyond their cave.” Alex Gladstein Calls Snowden’s Interview Clip a…
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China’s Digital Yuan Smart Card to Feature Biometrics and Fingerprint Scanning – Bitcoin News

The People’s Bank of China’s upcoming digital yuan card will feature IDEX Biometrics and fingerprint scanning, according to regional reports. China’s “Digital Currency Electronic Payment” or DCEP is getting closer toward launch by the day. Last week, smart card manufacturer Chutian Dragon and IDEX Biometrics announced the companies are working on a digital yuan payments…
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Cardano smashes new all-time high following 14% gain

Cardano’s ADA cryptocurrency surged on Sunday, bringing the smart contract platform back into elite territory in terms of market capitalization rankings. ADA charted 14% growth to reach $1.83 on major exchanges, marking a new all-time high. It was last seen hovering just below $1.80, having gained 14% on the day, 31% on the week and over…